Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology

Journal of Nanomedicine & Nanotechnology
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ISSN: 2157-7439

Alexander Seifalian

Alexander Seifalian

Division of Surgery and Interventional Sciences, University College, London, UK


Alexander Seifalian is a Professor at the UCL Centre for Nanotechnology & Regenerative Medicine, London. His research Summary includes Development of Nanomaterial, Development of cardiovascular implant, Development of nanofluorescence particle including quantum dots for localisation and treatment of cancer, Stem cells for development of organ using tissue engineering, Development of organ using biodegradation nanomaterials and stem cells, including liver, intestine, Hepatic microcirculation and oxygenation using optical technique and Ischemia reperfusion injury and preconditioning.

Research Interest

Nanotechnology, Nanobiotechnology, Nanocomposites, Nanobiopharmaceutics, Nanoelectronics, Nanomedicine, Nanotoxicology, Nanoengineering, Nanofabrications, Nanofluidics, Nanohedron, Nanocars, Nanothermite, Nanotubes, Supramolecule, Nanoionics, Nanolithography, Nanoparticles, Bionanoscience

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