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Journal of Neonatal Biology
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Aleeza Tariq

Aleeza Tariq
Agakhan Hospital, Karachi,,

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    Perinatal Mortality: A Dissection of Social Myths, Socioeconomic Taboos and Psychosocial Stress
    Author(s): Aleeza TariqAleeza Tariq

    Background: Several independent and inter-dependent factors contribute in high rates of perinatal mortality. The Aim of this study was to identify community based myths and obscure beliefs that affect maternal health, and to find socio-economic and psychological co-relates impacting on PNM. Methods: This small scale, community based study was carried out in June, 2012 at squatter settlements of Karachi. A pretested structured questionnaire was administered to married women of child bearing age (15-49 years) with history of perinatal mortality. Results: Out of 55 successfully surveyed women, 63.6% did not take antenatal care; 40.9% due to ‘infertility’ myth; 22.7% had no access. Generally women were of poor health; 52.7% weighed 40-50 kg, 43.6% were severely anaemic. The literacy rate among surveyed wome.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2167-0897.1000111

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