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Abdulazize Alshareedah

Abdulazize Alshareedah
Civil Engineering and Geosciences,
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    Methanotrophic Oxygen Dependency and Availability for Sustained Oxidation
    Author(s): Abdulazize Alshareedah and P. SallisAbdulazize Alshareedah and P. Sallis

    The oxidation of landfill methane is dependent upon a multitude of factors, some of which have been researched in-depth, while others require further investigation. One of the factors, that has not been carefully looked into, is the time factor for soils to rejuvenate and start oxidising methane efficiently. Using a batch reactor, soil samples, having no or little exposure to methane, were compared with other samples that had continuous methane exposure, in terms of the time they took to allow efficient methanotrophic mitigation of methane. In addition, the effect of oxygen availability and continuity to supply nourishment to the methanotrophic bacteria in relation to the soil types and the conditions of the soil's exposure to methane was also investigated. The results showed that acclimation time was an important factor in establishing high methane oxidation activity, with up to .. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2252-5211.1000249

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