Advances in Pediatric Research

Advances in Pediatric Research
Open Access

ISSN: 2385-4529


Aims and Scope

Advances in Pediatric Research publish scholarly information pertaining to basic pediatric research, community studies, cohort studies, systematic reviews, meta-analysis, interventional studies and translation research in addition to original pediatric clinical studies. The scope of the journal covers, but not essentially limited to the following specific topics:

  • Metabolic and chronic disorders
  • Allergy and immunology
  • Infectious diseases
  • Pediatric medicine and Surgery
  • Immunization
  • Public health policy
  • Child nutrition
  • Pediatric medical genetics
  • Molecular biology and Biomarkers
  • Pediatric clinical trials
  • Community studies
  • Adolescent medicine
  • Neonatology

Relevant Topics


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