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Zest for Inter-Professional Learning (IPL) Among the Nursing Students in one of the Private Nursing Institutions in West Malaysia

Amira NA, Haziqah NR, Puziah Y, Halimaton TR, Kunjukunju A and Hamidah H

Interprofessional learning (IPL) is about learning arising from the interaction between members (or students) of two or more professions. IPL can contribute to patient safety where it enhances understanding of professional roles; shares approaches learning and explores different learning and teaching preferences. While the importance of IPL is gaining widespread acceptance, healthcare professions are lacking in its training programs. Many are ignorant of the other health professions due to a lack of collaboration in their respective scope of education. As for healthcare students such as medical, nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy or medical imaging excited to start the program. This study aimed to determine to which extent the readiness of the nursing students with the IPL program. This is a cross-sectional study with self-administered questionnaires conducted on 157 of year three diploma in nursing students. Convenient sampling sizes were calculated based on Krejcie Morgan (1970). The instrument used to measure the readiness based on Teamwork & collaboration, Professional identity, Role of profession and confidence in communication by Casey-Fink Readiness (2008). Data were analyzed through SPSS version 20 with 5 Likert scale measurement. The overall result showed 51.3% of respondents agreed that shared learning could help for better teamwork, Nursing students agreed that the subscales of ‘teamwork and collaboration' funded the most in the positive of IPL. In conclusion, it can be summarized that students with previous experience in IPL have higher readiness than the student without previous experience of IPL. This study suggested, students who had experience of collaboration with students from other departments had a more positive attitude toward teamwork and collaboration as well as interprofessional learning.