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Youth, Technology and ‘Freedom Culture’ in Kenya: The role of Christian Educators in Advancing a Contextualized Theology

Hosea Kiprono Mitei

The youth in the 21 st century are caught up in between a period of so much advancement in technology and an upcoming freedom culture. A life that disregards relationship with God and pushes matters of faith aside. This has in turn opened up a Pandora’s Box of varied problems for the youth in Kenya. This paper examines the impact of technology and freedom culture on the spiritual and social life of the Kenyan youth and thereby advance a contextualized theology that aims at addressing the a fore mentioned issues. The data used in the study was collected through review of both published and unpublished literature. The findings of this article are that advancement in technology is a good tool. Humanity should use. However, the Kenyan youth in this century need to be directed not to exalt technology but to put in its rightful place and to exercise their freedom responsibly.