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Women’s Land Rights: Cultural Dynamism and Decentralized Land Administration in Kenya

Michuki, George

Beginning the early 1990’s Kenya has placed a lot of emphasis on alternative mechanisms for addressing local level land issues. However, despite the legal, policy and institutional measures taken, women still lag behind in securing their land rights. This study focuses on the role played by the decentralized land administration systems at the local level.The study examines what these institutions are doing to the cultural terrain within which women’s land rights are negotiated. Reference is also made on the cultural knowledge that is being invoked in dealing with women’s land rights. The findings indicate that women’s inclusion in these devolved institutions is positively influencing women’s stature at the local level. It is also evident that legal and policy reforms alone cannot guarantee women’s land rights. However, economic empowerment of women through education holds the key in enhancing their access and control over the land resource.