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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Who will Win the Race to the Miraculous Energy?

Luigi Antonio Pezone

Some producers of renewable energies have taken up the challenge of BILL GATES, who stated that intends to finance an energy miracle (A reactor fueled by nuclear waste that meets the US energy needs for the next 800 years). They say that this energy does not serves because their energy is already miraculous, being renewable and having halved the costs. Even SPAWHE, that is not a producer and have not funds for research, has taken up the challenge, but says that the miracle did it nature by creating the air compressible and water incompressible that put together intelligently, can produce all the energy we want in fixed and mobile version with insignificant cost compared to current energy and also to those of the future. If this, until now, has not happened was for hydropower fault with the hydraulic jump, which put off the road designers, being the hydraulic jump a particular case where overlap the static and dynamic water pressure drop that passes through the turbine. But this case is no longer reproducible, having made wide use of the existing hydraulic jumps.