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International Journal of Waste Resources
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We Cannot Leave Aside the Collaborative Consumption

Gabrielle Rabelo Quadra, Iollanda Ivanov Pereira Josué, Fábio Roland and Reinaldo Bozelli

The current waste production around the world is huge. Collaborative consumption (CC) is a practice of sharing products and services and has economic and cultural implications, which can have potential to change this scenario. CC reinvents the way we are consuming, making possible share stuff that we are not using anymore. The benefits range from improving communication and network, save money, space and time, and even ecological and business benefits. There are many tools available, such as websites and apps to practice collaborative consumption and incorporate it into our everyday life. Also, some people who are adept at collaborative consumption can inspire us with their positive testimonials. We cannot just let down the opportunity of collaborative consumption; especially in the current world plunged into an environmental, economic and social crisis.