Water Pollution: The Water Act 1974 A Critical Analysis | Abstract
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Water Pollution: The Water Act 1974 A Critical Analysis

Arzoo Singh*

In this project, I am going to discuss about the Water (prevention and control of pollution) Act, 1974. India is being the federal form of government it is the first country, which has made the statutes on the protection and betterment of environment in its constitution. In the DPSP in chapter IV of the constitution many new provisions was inserted like, Article 48-A, 51-A which stipulates that the state and the every citizen of India it is their duty to protect the natural environment. In India there were many provisions already existing in various enactments to tackle the environment pollution, The India Penal Code. India Forest Act, etc. but after the Stockholm Conference on Human Environment in June1972, it was well thought-out to have appropriate laws all over the country for board environment problems endangering the health and safety of our people as well as the flora and fauna. Hence, the water act 1974 was the first enactment by the parliament in this direction. The pollution control boards at the centre and in the states came into being in terms of this act. This act was implements because mostly every year people die due to the contaminated water. The water act is enacts with the aim of prevention and control of pollution in India. The acts main objective was to maintain and restore the wholesome nature of water from the enterprise of boards and to rest them with such powers so the purpose of act

Published Date: 2021-05-26; Received Date: 2021-05-05