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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Water Absorption and Thickness Swelling Characterization of Chicken Feather Fiber and Extracted Fish Residue Powder Filled Epoxy Based Hybrid Biocomposite

Gagan Bansal, Singh VK, Patil PP and Shweta Rastogi

Excellent compatibility characteristics of CY-230 epoxy resin with a large variety of fibers and elemental particulates has lead us to develop the cost effective materials with desired characteristics. In the current investigation the livestock waste i.e. Chicken Feather Fiber (CFF) and extracted Fish residue is used as reinforcing materials. Here, the physical appearance, weight density, thickness swelling and water absorption characteristics of the chicken feather fiber filled epoxy based composite is scrutinized. The best CFF-epoxy composition is diagnosed which was 5 wt% CFF in epoxy resin and hardener filled composite. Results obtained correlates that the maximum water absorption at 4 wt% of CFF (i.e. 1.49%) was due to the maximum volume fraction (3.62%) at the 4 wt% CFF based composition. The improvement was characterized at 5 wt% CFF composition. Later the hybrid composition was fabricated with varying percentage of Extracted residue powder (ERP) from Rohu fish waste. Similarly all other results were characterizes and interpreted. The optimum hybrid composition having most compatible CFF and ERP weight percentage in Epoxy based hybrid composite was thus concluded.