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International Journal of Waste Resources
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Waste Generation Rate and Composition Analysis of Solid Waste in Gujranwala City Pakistan

Hassan Ilyas, Shazia Ilyas, Sajid Rashid Ahmad and Muhammad Nawaz Ch

In developing countries like Pakistan, the amount of solid waste is increasing due to rapid urbanization and economic growth. Limited financial resources and lack of data availability about the amount and composition of the solid waste are posing difficulties to regulatory bodies towards proper planning of solid waste management systems in big cities. Also, solid waste generation and characterization are the essential parameters that affect the environmental sustainability. The aim of this study is to document the information on waste quantity being produced and its composition in Gujranwala city of the Pakistan. Results of this study can help the government to develop a sound waste management system for such expanding cities in the country. Average waste generation rate of four groups of residential areas (rural, low, middle and high income) were calculated and found to be ranged from 0.33 kilograms per capita per day (kg/c/d) for rural or low income areas to 0.46 kg/c/d for high income areas. Waste comprises of 15 categories, with kitchen waste 43-68% as the largest component of the waste.