Biology and Medicine

Biology and Medicine
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Viral musicality in harmony with nature

Theaux C, Scolaro LA and Carlucci MJ*

In this manuscript we describe a biological system that deals with herpes simplex virus in the context of an in vitro infection in the presence of carrageenan, from a novel point of view by comparing our system to the Ligeti's symphonic poem of 100 metronomes. Metronomes (from ancient Greek μέτρον-métron, "measure" and νέμω-némo, "I manage", "I lead"), as a measuring instrument of “tempo” links us with the viral replication cycle to define, through sound, a metaphorical construction of life (as vibration and movement, impermanence and constant change). The changes detected in viral populations, in time and space, in a similar way to the artistically experienced in Ligeti's symphonic poem enable us a trans disciplinary view, creating networks of cooperation that favor the renewal of the conceptual bases of biology enriching our perception and understanding of the biology and evolution of viruses.

Published Date: 2019-05-20; Received Date: 2019-04-23