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Usage levels of Serial Publications at the University of Zambia Library

Chitumbo, Eness M. Miyanda

Objective: The study investigated factors that lead to less usage of serials in the University of Zambia Library. Design/Method: The study combined qualitative and quantitative research designs. Questionnaires and interview guides were used for data collection from a sample size of 170 students. Data analysis: Data from questionnaires was analysed using Statistical Package for Social Sciences, while data from interviews was done thematically through content analysis Findings: Levels of serial usage were low due to lack of knowledge of serials collection and its services by users, inadequate search skills, inadequate orientation of students at 1st year level and later on, collection not comprehensive, outdated resources, collection being closed access, etc. To improve serial usage, the library must be run by qualified staff who should adequately guide and train users on how to access, retrieve and use journals. Other aspects included effective marketing strategies and provision of current journals in all subject areas.