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University Students’ Perceptions on the Adoption of Electronic Voting

Peter Asare-Nuamah and Agyepong Emmanuel Darko

There is always the assumption that the development of a new system will be accepted and used by users. However, users’ acceptance of a new system are influenced by several factors. As such, the study was undertaken with the objective of assessing students’ perceptions on the adoption of e-voting. The study used descriptive research design and TAM as the theoretical model. The population comprised of university students and University of Ghana students served as the participants for the study. Using simple random sampling technique, 193 students were selected for the study. Structured questionnaires served as the data collection instrument. Data were analyzed using SPSS Version 20. Descriptive statistics (frequencies and descriptives) were performed and statistical tools (mode, frequency and percentage) were used. The results indicate that students’ acceptance of e-voting are influenced by their perceived ease of use, usefulness, social acceptance and security of the system. The recommendations are that, system developers must consider these factors in the design of a new system and also calls for a countrywide study to be conducted in Ghana to improve the acceptance of e-voting and e-governance, as the use of only university (University of Ghana) students limited the study.