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Triterpenic Glycosydic Component Isolated from the Holoturian Holothuria Floridana Inhabiting the Cuban Archipelago

Maria Teresa Cabrera-Pedroso, Juan Enrique Tacoronte-Morales and Martha Maria Fors*

Background: A triterpene glycoside fraction was isolated from methanolic extract of Holothuria floridana inhabiting in shallow waters of the south-western marine insular platform of Cuba archipelago.

Methods: The fraction was separated chromatographically on Amberlite and was isolated a triterpene glycoside. Its structure has been deduced, in a preliminary study, from spectral analysis (NMR, FTIR) and chemical evidence (chromogenic reactions).

Results and conclusions: The compound is an open-chain, holost-Δ 9,11-en-12 α,17 α, 22 ξ triol tetraoside, belonging to the group A of the holoturins, which possesses 3 β-D-glucose, D-xylose, D-quinovose and 3-O-methyl-Dglucose as monosaccharide fragments.

Published Date: 2020-01-13; Received Date: 2019-12-20