Tooth Reattachment Case Series: Preserving the Natural Esthetics and SME | Abstract
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Oral Health and Dental Management
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Tooth Reattachment Case Series: Preserving the Natural Esthetics and SME

Ritika Satija*

Coronal fractures of the anterior teeth are common sequelae of dental trauma. A fractured anterior tooth requires immediate clinical attention as it not only causes pain but also affects patient socially and psychologically. Complicated crown fracture although less common, pose a greater challenge to the clinician. The main objective while treating such cases is successful pain management and immediate restoration of function and esthetics. There are several treatment modalities for such conditions, one of the alternative for managing such tooth fractures is the reattachment of the dental fragment when the tooth fragment is available and there is no or minimal violation of the biological width. This procedure is economical, less complicated and can provide immediate treatment with better and long-lasting esthetics. It also restores tooth function and provides a positive psychological response as tooth’s original anatomic form, color, and surface texture are maintained. Prognosis of the case highly depends on patient cooperation and understanding of the limitations of the treatment. This paper present the immediate management of 3 cases treated endodontically followed by reattachment of the same tooth fragment using glass-fiber reinforced composite post. This re-established the functions and esthetics of the patient in single visit.