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Three Domains of Women Commuters; a Critical Analysis with Gender Relation: A Study on Krishnaganj Block, Nadia, West Bengal

Prasenjit Ghosh and Nilkamal Laskar

Commuting for work by rural women to urban areas is an important phenomenon in recent times. The commuters spend their daily life through three domains i.e. travelling, working and house environment. In these spheres they face different behaviour and experiences from the co-passengers, peer-groups, colleagues, family members and employers Gender-bias, inequalities and discriminations are commonly seen in these domains from the patriarchic society. Similarly the women commuter plays important role to the above stated domains for the betterment of their family as well as the society. The present paper is an endeavour of the authors to put focus on the rural women commuters’ life and livelihoods. harassment, Social network, Sphere.