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Themes of Intra-psychic Conflict in Communication Disorders having Psychogenic Origin

S. Venkatesan

Although 4-5 % of clinical population manifests symptoms having psychogenic origins, available research on the subject is scarce. There is no unanimity on its nomenclature, classification, presentation, differential characteristics or clinical manifestations. Such individual are often misunderstood by professionals and their family members as liars, fakers, tricksters, showmen, cheats, conmen, and those with evil design. The absence of an organic evidence to explain their physical symptoms does not entitle such negative and unhelpful opinions. There is need for change in this outlook. An attempt is made to redefine this erroneous perspective in favor of viewing the illness as a different rather than deviant form of communication through body language symptoms which are unconscious and symbolic. It is their profitable medium or cry for help to get over an unspeakable or inexpressible personal tragedy. Case vignettes are dotted in the text with details on ongoing research and a discussion on implications for therapy.