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The Use of Stufflebeam Model (Cipp) in Evaluating the Perception of Teachers on the Implementation of Inclusive Education in Penang, Malaysia

Mohd Zuri Ghani & Wan Sharipahmira Mohd Zain

The objective of this study is to measure the teacher’s perception level on the effectiveness of Inclusive Education and to identify the main factor that contribute to the effectiveness of this Inclusive Education. The difference at the level of perception is tested on special education teachers and ordinary teachers and also on the difference in their demographical background. A total of 133 ordinary teachers and 37 special education teachers from Penang state are involved in this study. Research instrument is adapted from the instrument Contexts, Input, Process and Product introduced by Stufflebeam (CIPP). Questionnaire contains two sections that is section A regarding teacher’s demography and section B involving factors that contribute to the perception of teacher toward the effectiveness of Inclusive Education. The methods that used to analysis the data are Descriptive analysis (total score, frequent, percentage). The research findings showed that the difference in level of perception occurs due to type of teachers but no significant difference between the gender of teachers.