Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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The Significant Role of Social Sciences in Creating a Better Tomorrow

Ms. Subina Syal

‘Social science’ is a term that has a very significant role as it represents so many subjects that are directly related to the various instances in the life of a person. It helps one to learn about their own identity, history, traditions, rituals and culture and how does a person associate to another person on the basis of similar characteristics and ideologies. Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology all of these are essentially the study that gives the answer to the reason of the existence of an individual and how by studying social sciences a person can get more insight within oneself and when a person has a complete understanding of his state of mind and what is the relevance of the way in which he reacts to a particular situation, it helps in having a better understanding of the behavior of others, as the person concerned can relate to them in that situation. Once this is understood it becomes easier to identify the root causes of society's problems and help in giving more effective solutions to eradicate such issues. The present paper aims at signifying the role of social sciences in the development of an individual by presenting a clearer picture of various situations and how can they be tackled. Further the paper highlights the benefits and challenges of social sciences in the present scenario.