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The Rule of Law and Electoral Process in Nigeria: A Critical Reflection

Umar Abubakar Dubagari

The rule of law and democracy has become the major features of any civilized society, without which such society is often seen as barbaric, uncivilized and uncultured. While the rule of law guarantees civil rights, human rights, separation of powers and an independent and effective judiciary, among others. Thus, it creates the basic conditions in which individuals can pursue their own personal development as they choose. Democracy, on the other hand, is the only legally recognized means of assuming governmental power. It is one of the major yardsticks for recognition of government, viz-a-viz recognition of state at the international plane. But the rule of law and democratic process in Nigeria is not without taxing consequences. Except an immediate overhaul of the structural, legal and other bureaucratic impediments is done, it may continue to be a tall dream.