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The Role of Vitamin D in Male Fertility

Raquel Vaz De Castro

Among several other factors, vitamin D deficiency has been associated with human infertility, both male and female. Increasing knowledge about the actions played by vitamin D on spermatogenesis and hormone production in the testis has led to an increasing interest in determining its influence on the treatment of male infertility. Though many studies, in animals and humans, have presented promising data, some results are still controversial. Evidences of the effects of vitamin D on testosterone production have been quite inconsistent, but its effect on sex hormone binding globuline (SHBG) provide interesting explanations. In respect to sperm quality, observations seem more consistent, showing improvements in sperm count and sperm progressive motility. Ultimately, in order to assess the efficacy of vitamin D supplementation to improve fecundity, as well as the success of fertility treatments, further studies must be carried out.

Published Date: 2020-02-02; Received Date: 2020-02-10