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The Place of Local Media in Addressing the Child Labour Phenomenon in Anyigba Community: A Study of Radio Kogi Ochaja

Asogwa, Dr.Chika Euphemia and Ogwo, Comfort Ajuma

This study aimed at investigating the role of the local media in tackling child labour in Anyigba community. The study was anchored on the functional theory and the agenda setting theory. This study relied on the survey method, using the instrument of questionnaire and also adopted focused group interview to obtain factual information. To arrive at its objective the study was carried out in three phases. In the first phase 50 parents responded to the questionnaire, the focused group interview was in two phases; twenty children were selected and responded to questions raised while the second group comprising ten parents was asked questions based on the programmes of Radio Kogi Ochaja. Results show that child labour is very rampart in Anyigba community and that Radio Kogi Ochaja is not playing its role very well. The study recommend amongst others the need for the government to implement the rights of the child as stated in the United Nations Convention, that Radio Kogi Ochaja should rise up to their responsibility of setting the public agenda by producing their programmes in local language and also increase the number of programmes focused on child labour problem.