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Journal of Astrobiology & Outreach
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The Optimal Multi-Isotopic Atomic Code of Life: Perspectives in Astrobiology

Jean-Claude Perez

Background: At the starting of this research, we found it abnormal that life needed 3 different Biological languages to code the information of the living: DNA, RNA, and amino acids, language of proteins.
Results: The discovery of a simple numerical formula for the projection of all the atomic mass of life-sustaining CONHSP bio atoms leads to the emergence of a set of Nested CODES unifying all the biological, genetic and genomic components by unifying them from bio atoms up to whole genomes. In particular, we demonstrate the existence of a digital meta-code common to the three languages of biology that are RNA, DNA and amino acid sequences. Through this meta-code, genomic and proteomic images appear almost analogous and correlated. The analysis of the textures of these images then reveals a binary code as well as an undulatory code whose analysis on the human genome makes it possible to predict the alternating bands constituting the karyotypes of the chromosomes.
Conclusion: The application of these embedded codes (particularly the Atomic Code of Life) to astrobiology field is illustrated here. Particularly: A necessary but not sufficient condition for the emergence in the universe of life-forms similar to earthly life requires that we find, in these regions of the universe, and in MARS in particular, the different isotopes of organic CONH atoms in proportions identical to those observed on Earth.