Journal of Food Processing & Technology

Journal of Food Processing & Technology
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The New Method of Juice Concentration

Michael Soikhedbrod

At present time, the concentrates of juice produce by the separation of the water from fresh juice. For producing of the concentrates of juice is used one of the following methods: the evaporation either the freezing water or the diaphragm method. The evaporation, when juice is heated in the vacuum in the special trays, but this heat is not led to the boiling point, since during the process of boiling all useful substances will be destroyed. The mass, obtained after evaporation, is similar to more viscous the jam, the honey or the thick syrup. The process of freezing completely repeats evaporation, with exception of temperature parameters. The water is moved away under the action of cold. The diaphragm method, when the juices pass through the membrane with the smallest membrane‘s holes. The water infiltrates, and the large molecules of other substances of juice remain. All these methods are connected with the high expenditures. The paper represents the use of a new developed method for producing of the concentrate of the juice, where the water was not moved away, but the water by itself provides the producing of the high concentrate of juice.