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The Influence of Strategic Innovations Capability on Performance of Vendor Managed Retail Medium and Large Supermarkets in Nairobi City County in Kenya

Mr. Hendrick Nyongesa Pilisi,Dr. G.S Namusonge and Dr. J.K. Ngeno

The general objective of this study was to determine the influence of strategic management capabilities on the performance of vendor managed retail medium and large supermarkets in Nairobi City County, Kenya. The specific objective was to establish the extent to which strategic innovation capability as measured by preparedness in change of market demands and research and development contributes to profitability of the vendor managed retail medium and large supermarkets. To achieve these objectives the study adopted a descriptive survey. The study population comprised of all senior managers of the medium and large supermarkets in in Nairobi County, Kenya. According to business licensing department at the Nairobi City County, there are forty-three medium and fifteen large supermarkets in Nairobi County. These constituted the sample frame of the two categories of supermarkets licensed at a fee of $800 and $1200 respectively. The target population included five senior managers in each of medium and large supermarkets totaling 290. Simple random sampling technique was used to select two (2) management staff from each of the supermarket. The sample size was 116 respondents. The study utilized both primary and secondary data. Data collection method for primary data was a structured questionnaire while Secondary data was obtained from firm records, reports, publications and document. The data was purely quantitative and it was analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics. IBM SPSS Statistics Version 20 was used to aid in data analysis. Tables were used to summarize responses for further analysis and facilitate comparison. The findings were presented using tables. A multiple linear regression analysis was used in analysis. Strategic innovations capability was found to be significant at 95% confidence level and positively affecting performance of retail supermarkets.