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The Imperatives for Community Policing in Nigeria

Usman A. Yusuf

Community policing-a relatively recent addition to law enforcement- has become everyone’s rhetorical solution for policing problems in an international arena. As an agenda for policing reform, it has received a lot of global attention in a series of studies that stretch from organizational reforms to theories of modeling and implementation strategies. Therefore, this examines the some of the benefits that can be derived while subscribing to the community policing philosophy in the quest to enforce law and order and protect the lives and properties of people in a society. The study utilizes secondary sources of data throughout and it is recommended that both the police and the public should jettison or discard the pre-conceived notion of enmity and rivalry that exist between them, they should cultivate every spirit of togetherness and see themselves as partners in the course of protection of lives and properties in the society.