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The Impact of Motor Tricycles on Transportation of Agricultural Produce in the Pru District of Ghana

Kojo Atta Aikins & Gilbert Senyo Akude

A large proportion of agricultural production in the Pru District of the Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana occurs in rural farming communities remote from the district capital. This requires a well-developed infrastructure and means of transportation for the crops produced to be conveyed to market centres. This study was aimed at assessing the impact of the introduction of motor tricycles on the transportation of agricultural produce by farmers, middlemen/women and market women in the Pru District. About 97% of the farmers and middlemen/women are now able to have access to means of transportation within 24 hours after harvest as compared to 50% before the introduction of the motor tricycles. Also, 40.7% more of them now spend less than 1 hour during transportation while those who use between 1 and 2 hours has reduced by 28.4%. About 33 times more of the respondents are now able to transport greater quantities of their agricultural produce. It was also found that all incidents of losses have reduced significantly. As compared to previous situation, 450% more of the respondents now incur no losses on-farm while incidents of losses through thefts, bushfires, animal destruction and physical damages have all reduced by not less than 78%. About 94% of the respondents are also now able to make considerable savings in money they spent on transportation of farm produce with the introduction of motor tricycles.

Published Date: 2015-06-16;