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Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism
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The Effect of Partnership Care Plan on Metabolic Control of Iraqi Diabetic Adolescents

Ghariba Hassanali, Sima Mohammad Khan Kermanshahi, Dellar Anvar Kakil and Elaine Mordoch

1.1 Objective: This study designed and evaluated a long-term care program based on the partnership care planforthe metabolic control of diabetic adolescents in Iraq. The aim of the present study was to determine the effect of using the Partnership Care Plan on diabetic adolescences’ metabolic control. 1.2 Methods: This is a quasi-experimental study, which was performed in Diabetes Center in Arbil, Iraq during 2012-2013. Forty diabetic adolescents were assigned to two groups of 20 members. The partnership care plan was applied in four stages (Motivation, Readying, Involvement, and Evaluation) with an intervention group for a period of three months. The control index for diabetes was the level of HbA1C and insulin, which were measured in both groups before and after the intervention. Data were analyzed by the SPSS software (ver. 16.0) using paired-t and independent-t tests. 1.3 Results: T-test results revealed that before intervention, both groups had similar levels of HbA1C (p= 0.77) and insulin (p=0.10). However, after intervention, there was a satatistically significant difference between the two groups in the level of both HbA1C (p< 0.000) and insulin (p=0.02). 1.4 Conclusion: The results indicated that using the Partnership Care Plan in adolescents with type 1 diabetes is effective for controlling metabolism.