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The Effect of Genre-Based Oral Academic Lectures on Writing Achievement among Male and Female TOFEL Learners

Ibrahim Safari and Seyyed Amin Mokhtari

This study attempted to investigate the effectiveness of genre-based oral academic lectures on male and female TOEFL learners’ writing achievement. The researcher chose 60 males and female TOEFL students and randomly divided and placed them into four separate classes of equally the same size and then he tested the homogeneity of the groups through a test of TOEFL iBT. All of the participants in the experimental groups took a pre-test followed by the treatment. The treatment duration was six sessions and each session was one hour, the researcher chose six academic lectures for the experimental groups and all of them were selected from ‘Longman Preparation Course for the TOEFL Tests’ by Phillips (2007) and then the experimental groups sat for the post-test. After the post-test, the researcher carried out a two-way ANOVA The results showed a significant difference in the scores of the experimental groups and the control groups. The experimental groups outperformed the control groups. In addition, in genre-based oral academic lectures, the females outperformed the males.