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The Effect of Explicit and Recast Feedback on Efl Learners’ Listening Comprehension Ability

Samane Naderi

This study investigated the effect of two types of Corrective Feedback on the Intermediate EFL Learners’ Listening Comprehension ability. Forty four female participants were selected out of fifty six female EFL learners who were randomly divided into two experimental groups one with explicit feedback and the other one with recast feedback each comprising of fifteen participants and one control group without any feedback comprising of fourteen participants. A researcher-made listening comprehension test was applied as a pretest. After fulfilling the explicit and recast feedbacks for the experimental groups during the term, the very researcher-made listening test was administered in order to measure the effectiveness of the feedbacks in each group. The results of the one-way ANOVA and Scheffé post hoc tests revealed that both Corrective feedback types were effective in listening comprehension ability; in addition, between two Corrective feedback types which were fulfilled during the term explicit feedback was more effective than recast one.