Global Journal of Interdisciplinary Social Sciences
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ISSN: 2319-8834


The Effect of Different Types of Informing on changing Attitudes of Shahrekord University' Students toward Addiction

Mohammad Taghi Mahmoody; Azam Rafiei; Mohammad Hadi Gholipoor; & Majid Sayadi

This study designed to determine the best type of informing Shahrekord's students toward Addiction. Statistical community was all students in shahrekord university (Iran). Among the group 338 students were selected via random sampling. Finally, there were 366 students in the sample (338 in the experimental 28 in the control groups). The experimental groups were movie watchers, colored pestered readers, speech attendants, and walled journal readers. The applied statistics were ANOVA and descriptive methods. Results showed a significant change for colored poster and speech attendants; but, no significant change was shown for the rest.