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The Effect of Crystalloid vs. Crystalloid plus Colloid Infusion on the Coagulation System in Patients Undergoing Cancer Breast Surgery

Eman Nasreldin, Nagwa Gamal and Abeer M Darwish

Background: To explore whether administration of routinely used intravenous solutions differently affects the coagulation system in breast cancer patients undergoing surgery receiving crystalloid alone or plus colloid fluid regimen.

Patients and Methods: The study included 60 female cancer breast patients scheduled for surgery; patients were randomized to undergo acute normovolemic hemodilution with either crystalloid or crystalloid plus colloid. Six samples were collected from each patient at different period of the study.

Results: IV administration of crystalloid plus colloid as well as crystalloid fluid cause significant effect in coagulation factors variables which is more obvious in administration of both crystalloid and colloid fluid together; where most investigated coagulation variables were significantly increased or decreased. This recorded variation reverts to normal value after 24 hour of infusion samples

Conclusion: Generally the least effect was observed in the group receiving crystalloid; special consideration should be given to the use of colloid rather than crystalloid solutions for rapid fluid loading.