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The Balinese Serial Verb Construction and Their Equivalences in English

Sukarini and Mas Indrawati

Serial Verb Construction (SVC) is a construction where more than one verbs occur in a clause without any overt markers of subordinator or coordinator. This research attempts to analyse SVC involved in the Tales from Bali and their equivalence in English.The theories adopted in this research are the theory of language typology, the theory of translation proposed by Larson (1998:3) and Molina and Albir (2002:509). This research applies decriptive-qualitative approach, the data were taken from Tales from Bali and was collected by using observation method. The result shows that SVCs in the Tales from Bali are translated into complex clause construction, construction with bare infinitive, construction with to Infinitive, Present Participle, compound Sentence construction, perfective, and verb with adverb of manner. The techniques applied in transferring the meanings of SVCs in the SL to the English TL are established equivalence, description, and transposition.