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Modern Chemistry & Applications
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Synthesis and Analytical Studies of 3-(4-Acetyl-3-Hydroxyphenyl) Diazenyl)-4-Amino-N-(5-Methylisoxazol-3-Yl)Benzene Sulfonamide with Some Metals

Mohauman Mohammad Al-Rufaie

Synthesis new organic azo dye as reagent 3-((4-acetyl-3-hydroxyphenyl) diazenyl)-4-amino-N-(5-methylisoxazol- 3-yl)benzene sulfonamide (SDA) and Analytical Study of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II), metals complexes. The reagent and its complexes were characterized by elemental analysis, UV-Vis, and molar conductivity measurements. The data show that the complexes have the composition of [MR]X2 type. The conductivity data for all complexes are consistent with those expected for an electrolyte. Octahedral environment is suggested for metal complexes.