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Synthesis A Reagent [3-Hydroxy 4- (1-Azo-2,7-Dihydroxy) Naphthalene Sulfonic Acid] and Used it for Determination of Flourometholone in Bulk and Pharmaceutical Formulations by Spectrophotometric Method

Amir Alhaj Sakur, Malek Okdeh and Banana Al Fares

A Reagent [3-hydroxyl 4- (1-azo-2,7-dihydroxyl) naphthalene Sulfonic acid] (AAN) ] has been synthesized for the determination of flourometholone (FLU) in pure form and in ophthalmic suspensions (drops) by a simple, sensitive and extraction-free spectrophotometric method. The method is based on the formation of yellow colored complex between FLU and ANN maximum at 416 nm. The stoichiometry of the complex in either form was found to be (1:1). Reaction conditions were optimized to obtain the maximum color intensity. Beer’s law was obeyed in the concentration ranges of 0.5-17.0 μg/mL. The limit of quantification (LOQ) was 0.14 μg/mL and molar absorptivity (Ɛ) values was 38555 L/ moL-1cm-1. The proposed method has been applied successfully to the analysis of FLU in pure form and in its dosage forms and no interference was observed from common excipients present in pharmaceutical formulations. Statistical comparison of the results with the reference method showed excellent agreement and indicated no significant difference in accuracy and precision.