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Surgery and Dementia Congress 2019: Femoral hernia with incarcerated Meckel's diverticulum using wedge resection technique- Novia Nastiti- Semmelweis University, Indonesia

Novia Nastiti

This case study of a femoral hernia with incarcerated Meckel’s diverticulum happened to 30-year-old male. Case which has been carried us, through tough explaining in critical care condition. The diverticulum was resected using wedge resection technique. Meckel’s diverticulum is an intestinal diverticulum which arises due to the failure of omphalomesenteric duct obliteration in the fifth week of fetal development. The incidence of this disorder is between 2-3% and is the most common congenital anomaly in the gastrointestinal tract. Management of liter hernias must be done surgically. Littre hernia with incarcerated Meckel’s diverticulum in femoral hernia. In this case, the treatment was wedge resection surgery followed by repair of the femoral hernia defect.

 The patient was operated with the diagnosis of strangulated right groin inguinal hernia, and the exploration of the contents of the hernia sac found an incarcerated a non-necrotic Meckel's diverticulum (Figure 1). Resection of an ileal loop carrying the diverticulum with immediate restoration of the digestive continuity by the end to end ileal anastomosis. The rest of the bowel was carefully examined and was reduced into the abdomen. Herniorrhaphy, according to the method of Mac-Vay, was performed. The postoperative period was smooth, and the patient was discharged on the 6th post-operative day. He was followed in OPD, and after a sixth month, there was no recurrence.

Published Date: 2020-07-25;