Study the Breastfeeding Awareness among the Females of Indore | Abstract
Biology and Medicine

Biology and Medicine
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Study the Breastfeeding Awareness among the Females of Indore

Kajal Gupta*, Priyachitle and Vibhuti Trivedi

First 1000 days of life are to create human resource intelligent, healthy and productive. Breastfeeding the child exclusively, with supplementary food and up to 2 years of age with proper health care techniques is important and Mother should have awareness about it. Rational of the study covers the benefits of breastfeed for both Baby and Mother and shows the need of this research. Title of the research was ‘Study the Breastfeeding awareness among the females of Indore’ and the Objective was To study the awareness about breastfeeding in terms of basic knowledge, supplementation, rooming in, mother’s diet, mother’s and baby’ health. The sampling method used in research was Purposive sampling method. The sample size was of 100 female students. Tool used for data collection was ‘Breastfeeding Awareness Scale’. Data analysis was completed using Percentage Analysis method. Conclusion in data analysis shows that low percentage of female students were aware about the basic knowledge of breastfeeding, rooming in, supplementary feed, Pre & Post- natal care, stationary equipment, diet etc. Raising awareness among young females can bring more positive outcome.

Published Date: 2021-09-30; Received Date: 2021-07-06