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Strategic Planning As an Effective Tool on Organizational Performance in Nigeria: An Empirical Study of Some Firms in Delta State

Ovbiagele, Abraham Otaigbe and Ijeh Matthew Chinedu

This study was carried out to investigate the impact of strategic planning on organizational performance. A study of selected manufacturing firms in Delta State, Nigeria. A set of structural questionnaire was used as instrument for data collection and administered on 60 respondents of the firms under study randomly selected using Yaro yamane formula. Applying the formula, the sample size from a population of 70 is 60 respondents at 95% confidence level. Dataanalysis was made and the hypotheses formulated were tested using kruskal wallis one-way analysis of variance by rank. The findings revealed that positive and significant relationship exists between strategic planning and better organizational performance and organizational survival. It was concluded that strategic planning is necessary for the performance and survival of an organization. This study, however, recommend that organizations should accord priority attention to the elements of strategic planning, establishing high core values that is organizations rules of conduct, set realistic goals, establishment of long term objective, this has to be measurable and specific, the development of action (strategic) plans and its implementation, making adequate environmental analysis, suitable organizational structure and a host of other measures for effective strategic planning kin organizations.