International Journal of Waste Resources

International Journal of Waste Resources
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Solid Wastes Management (SWM) in Nigeria and their Utilization in the Environmental Geotechnics as an Entrepreneurial Service Innovation (ESI) for Sustainable Development

Onyelowe KC

Entrepreneurial space has been created for sustainable development through the ideas made available in the present work. It exposed the extent of waste generation in Nigeria cities and poor management program by government and the relevant ministries. The unemployed youths and individuals have been given a clue to try out their entrepreneurial prowess so as to harness the indiscriminate disposal of solid waste on our streets to their advantage by creating jobs. At the same, this would have opened up a business chain between the innovative entrepreneurial waste managers and the experts in the area of Environmental Geotechnics. Finally, soil improvement and stabilization for use as construction materials through the use of waste will encourage green and sustainable engineering