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Sociolinguistics of English in India

Shaivya Singh and Rajesh Kumar

The Present study attempts to discuss the Sociolinguistics of English in India. The rising status and the rapid spread of English is a matter of discussion in the field of applied linguistics. The language we speak defines and determines one’s place and identity in the world. It is not just a set of sound words or sentences. Many different regional varieties of English or ‘Englishes’ exist around the globe and are slowly but steadily gaining recognition. Indian English is one such variety. English spoken in India is deeply linked with the society, culture and the people. The function of English in India is different from that it performs in the native context. The defining factors such as the cultural plurality and presence of different languages have given India a distinct place in the multilingual context. The growth of English in India can be directly correlated with the growth of imperial rule in India. English language has been and continues to be a dividing force in the society.