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Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development
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Social Status of the Fish-farmers of Floating-net-cages in Lake Maninjau, Indonesia

Syandri H, Elfiondri, Junaidi and Azrita

The study surveyed the social status of fish-farming in Lake Maninjau of Indonesia. The stuctured interview using scheduled questionnaires were used in obtaining information from 240 fish farmers randomly selested from eight local sub-districts as the study areas. The eighth sub-districts were divided into three areas which involved the aquaculture zone of the lake. Data obtained were analyzed using descriptive statistics. The findings revealed that majority (39.16%) of the fish farmers were male with the age range of 31-40 years. It was about 55.41% of the fish farmer having household size 4-6 person, and 45.83% educational level was Senior High School graduates. The total annual income from sales of fish were IDR 10000000-IDR 20000000, 37.92% of fish farmers practiced the integrated fish-farming, and only 52.08% of the farmers practiced fish-production. 51.25% of the fish farmers got their information from their friends and fellow farmers. 73.33% of the fish farmers cultured Tilapia species, 77.91% of the fish farmers obtained their fingerlings from private hatchery, 96.66% of fish farmers stated that poor water quality as a major constraints to fish production. The results indicated that floating net-cages activities at the Lake Maninjau played essential role in the lives of fish-farmers for survival.