Significance of Apical Patency in Endodontics: A Narrative Review | Abstract

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ISSN: 2161-1122


Significance of Apical Patency in Endodontics: A Narrative Review

Chein Shee Antoinette Yen*, Kashmira Sawant, Ajinkya M Pawar

The apical portion of root canal is the most complex part of tooth anatomy. To negotiate the root canal the mostcommon method used is apical patency. Gaining apical patency means that a small flexible K-file which is passivelymoved through the apical constriction 0.5-1 mm beyond the minor diameter without widening it. This processinvolves the use of a small diameter file that is set 1mm longer than the working length and recapitulated after eachinstrument to prevent packing of debris in the apical part. The prominence of micro-organisms in pulpal andperiapical diseases is notable and the anaerobic bacteria are recognised as important pathogens. With advances inapical patency all techniques have its own advantages and limitation so it is important to use the techniquejudiciously and minimize trauma to periapical tissue and respect the root apical anatomy. This article weighs the prosand cons of apical patency and its clinical significance along with its need.

Published Date: 2021-03-31; Received Date: 2021-03-10