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Schistosomiasis as a Cause of Acute Appendicitis in Non-Endemic Areas

Haya Malallah, Tasneem Al-Onaizi, Abdullah Shuaib, Khalid Alsharaf and Abdullah Behbehani

Schistosomiasis is one of the most widespread parasitic diseases in the world. There are about 200 million people infected worldwide, 85% of whom are concentrated south of the Sahara in Africa. Appendicular schistosomiasis was first reported by Turner in 1909. It remains rare in non-endemic areas. The reported incidence rate of appendicular schistosomiasis in non-endemic areas is 0.001% and is due to traveling and labor migration. We report a case of a 29-year-old Egyptian gentleman who presented with a clinical picture of acute appendicitis and underwent a laparoscopic appendectomy. He was diagnosed histologically and post-operatively with a schistosomiasis of the appendix. The pathogenesis of appendicular schistosomiasis could be through two pathogenic pathways: granulomatous or obstructive. Treatment with appendectomy and anti-helminthic therapy are adequate to limit further extensive disease or chronic complications.