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Oral Health and Dental Management
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Salivary Cotinine, Self-Reported Smoking Status and Heaviness of Smoking Index in Adults From Constanta, Romania

Cristina I. Nuca, Corneliu I. Amariei, Victoria V. Badea, Agripina N. Zaharia, Cristina T. Arendt

Aim: To evaluate the salivary cotinine levels and self-reported smoking status in 35-44 year olds from Constanta, and also the nicotine dependence in those identified as constant smokers, using the Heaviness of Smoking Index (HSI). Methods: In a cross-sectional study of 286 participants aged 35-44 years (6% sampling error, 95% C.L.), the unstimulated salivary cotinine levels were measured using the NicAlert? saliva test (Jant Pharmacal Corporation, Encino, CA, USA). Self-reported smoking status and HSI were evaluated by means of a piloted self-administered questionnaire. Ethical permission and written consents were obtained. Data were entered into statistical software and analysed using the chi-square test for testing intra-group variation, ANOVA for testing between-groups variation, and the Spearman coefficient for assessing the association between variables. Results: The salivary cotinine levels were: 0 for 47 subjects (16.4%), 1 for 103 subjects (36.0%), 2 for 19 subjects (6.6%), 3 for 26 subjects (9.1%), 4 for 28 subjects (9.8%), 5 for 42 subjects (14.7%), and 6 for 21 subjects (7.3%). They were higher in males than in females (P