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Safety Evaluation of 60-Days Ingestion of Statroltea: A Herbal Tea Beverage from the Leaves of Stathmostelma sp.

Feumba Dibanda Romelle, Oben Julius Enyong, & Mbofung Carl Moses

The safety of the sub-chronic ingestion of Statroltea, an anti-obesity herbal tea, was assessed in male rats fed either a standard diet or a high-fat diet associated to its daily administration at 5 mg/Kg BW during 60 days. Results revealed that the consumption of Statroltea significantly increases white blood cells count in male rats and produces a significant decrease in the relative weight of kidneys and liver of rats (p < 0.05). The administration of Statroltea did not change the activity of the hepatospecific enzyme alanine aminotransferase or the level of creatinine in serum irrespectively of diet. This is the first report on the safety of Statroltea and the study reveals no adverse effects linked to its consumption

Published Date: 2015-08-13;