Risk Factors Associated with Recidivism | Abstract
Journal of Forensic Psychology

Journal of Forensic Psychology
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Risk Factors Associated with Recidivism

Jennifer Bourke

This study examines a sample of 1,125 child-to-parent DA (Domestic Abuse) crimes to explore perpetrator, victim and offence characteristics, and comparing these results across samples of adult (>18) and adolescent perpetrators (16-18). In addition, 673 child to parent perpetrators were followed over a 12 month period, 89% were deemed nonrecidivists and 11% were recidivists. Two of the 26 Domestic Abuse Stalking Harassment (DASH) risk factors held individual predictive validity, “children present” and “problems with alcohol”. Results highlight the need for further understanding of DA within child-to-parent relationships, and how policing responses need to adapt accordingly.

Published Date: 2021-02-22; Received Date: 2021-02-01