Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering

Journal of Applied Mechanical Engineering
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ISSN: 2168-9873



Residual Deflections and Stresses in a Thick T-Joint Plate Structure

Adak M and Soares CG

In this paper transient thermo-elastic-plastic problem of a thick rectangular T-joint fillet weld plates is solved numerically in which we need to determine the temperature distribution, thermal deflections and stresses when the boundary conditions are known. At the T-joint section (weld pool area) high constant temperature is considered initially and convection boundary conditions are applied at other three edges as well as top and bottom surface of the plate. T-joint section and vertical plate is fixed (case 1) for plate stability, only T-joint section is fixed (case 2) as a boundary constraint for stress analysis. Numerical technique (Finite element method, Ansys software) is used to obtain the solution of the boundary value problem.