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Re-Hushing Commentaries on the Effects and Potential Benefits of Canabis: Lessons Ghana can Learn from Usa and Canada

Samuel Adu-Gyamfi and Edward Brenya

This article focuses on the review and a critical appraisal of the facts on cannabis or marijuana. The global scientific arguments that the existence of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9 THC) causes a certain degree of harm to the brain especially for persons in their teenage years and even for those below the age of 23-25 years have been looked at. Again, the scientific, legal and ethical arguments on cannabis have been looked at. Attention has been paid to the potential global benefits with its associated ethical and legal issues with emphasis on USA and Canada using information gleaned from documentary and non-documentary sources to serve as lessons for Ghana. Interviews were conducted to get the views of users and former users of cannabis concerning the subject under review. The article postulates that negatives associated from the use of cannabis emanates from THC so the reduction of it may rather make the argument for it legitimization in countries like Ghana be less harmful. It further confirms that the Global Cannabis trade is bringing lots of financial gains to those who are peddling the weed at the expense of nations or governments. In Ghana the police in Kumasi, Accra, Sunyani/domaa and the Volta region have put up a stiff fight against the cannabis trade. Irrespective of the efforts of the narcotic Control Board, the police service and the customs at our borders, weed farms are increasing in Ghana, Jamaicans and persons from the West-Africa sub-region have been accused to be collaborating with indigenous Ghanaians in the venture. Peddlers and users have become innovative and now we have marijuana bitters in Ghana.